Tire flips are for lovers



This is a photo of my hands (and caluses) after a day of tire flipping. I should have taken the picture before I did my pull-ups because that whipped away a lot of the black, but I still think its funny. My chest was also pretty covered which I still don’t understand because its not like I’m up against the tires when I flip them to get that area dirty. Also, tire flips are notorious to hurt my nipple piercings, which I am compelled to tell my trainer every time I do them with him.

So I normally don’t do tire flips on my own because its loud and a lot of people pay attenchion to you while you do them. So I normally only do them when I’m with my trainer because people know your training and don’t stare as much when you are with someone else. However, my trainer posted this article on my Facebook page and I couldn’t help but do them today and laugh. The article is a parody of common misbeliefs of why women shouldn’t lift heavy. Therefore, I wanted to life heavy today and since I normally shy away from tire flips I said fuck it and did them. It’s pretty funny to do exercises like that in front of a gym full of dudes. I was there from 930-11 and normally its a lot of older guys at that time  who LOVE to stare and love to think they are hot shit and can get younger girls. Personally, I have a friend who is in his 60s and is a retired military guy and we always chat when we see each other (he tells me about all the women he “has fun with” and I tell him how I am doing with school) and I guess all the other older dudes thought it was okay to stare after seeing me talk to them. Haha. One guy would stand in front of my flip lane and just stare because that’s apparently how you get the girls these days. I like to play dumb and am like “omg what is going on, lalala I’m just flipping a tire, oh your in my way? I’ll just flip this on your foot. Whoops maybe you should getoutofmyfuckingway, like yeah.” And then I judge them in my head. 

Anyway here’s today’s workout.
20 warmup on the elliptical because I haven’t gotten the motivation to move to the track for real running.
15 KB swing (35 lbs)
15 KB squat (35 lbs)
4 up and 4 down (8 total) 350 pound tire flips
10 deck squats (26 lbs)
10 bench press (70 lbs)
10x side KB snatch (26 lbs)
10x side KB row (26 lbs)
10 pull ups (-140 ; aka 40 lbs)
I did my 3 ab exercises from the list from my last post. I did the first picture called “three best ab exercises of all time” and I did each 10 times each for 4 rotations.
10 ball roll out
10 Pilates roll up
10 Dying bug

Personally, I normally do an exercise called dead bugs, which is slightly similar to the dying bug, and I don’t know what about these deceased bugs that hurts to much but holy shit they suck. I wouldn’t have had to stop for breaks between sets if it wasn’t for this exercise. Ugh it was killer. I can only imagine that I looked like a lunatic because to say I am uncoordinated is an understatement. 

Playlist That Kept Me Going:
Classic Rock Power Workout from Pandora Radio
Best Song:

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